Xsolla Backend (powered by AcceleratXR technology) is the most feature rich of any online gaming platform. Our technology is easily adaptable to fit any project’s goals, allowing teams to create truly cross-platform multi-player games in less time and with fewer resources.


Identity & Access Management

Manage all of your user data and provide simple account management with ease using the Account Services system.

  • OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect authorization server

  • Passwordless & device login

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Single-Sign-On Integration - Any OAuth 2.0 compatible provider - Discord - Facebook - Google - Steam - Twitter

  • Roles Based Access Control

  • Organizations & Teams

Player Data

Track and store player data with support for multiple characters per user account including player abilities and statistics using the Persona Services system.

  • Multiple characters

  • Player attributes

  • Player statistics

Live Scripting System

Add or modify platform code in real-time. Create custom REST API endpoints, new data models, scheduled background jobs, game event handlers and more.

  • Write custom code

  • Modify existing services

  • Track code changes

  • Publish changes in real-time

  • Integrates with Visual Studio Code



Give your players a reason to keep coming back using the Achievements Services system. From the mundane “collect n items” to the more complex “beat boss X in zone Y by time T” achievements are a great way to engage your players.

  • Increase player engagement

  • Create achievable goals

  • Grant player rewards


Give players a reason to compete and keep coming back with our highly scalable Leaderboard Services system. Define any number of custom leaderboards and rank millions of player scores in real-time.

  • Custom leaderboards

  • Real-time ranking

  • Scale to millions of records


Community is the underlying fabric of all multi-player online games and apps. Our Social Services system provides everything you need to build a rich and vibrant player community.

  • Friends List

  • Block Players List

  • Followers

  • Player-to-player messaging

  • Real-time chat

  • Invites

  • Share status updates


Player Inventory

Manage game items for each player character with the Economy Services system. Allow players to trade items among each other. Store and track custom attributes and statistics.

  • Per-character inventory

  • Share and trade items

  • Multiple virtual currencies

  • Custom item attributes

Player Progression

Give your players a greater purpose and improve retention with our player Progression Services system. Supports linear leveling systems, tree-based skills, and custom data.

  • XP / Level progression

  • Skill trees

  • Custom data

  • Automatic progress tracking

Missions & Quests

Create rich narrative structures through missions and quests using our Quests Services system. Attach rewards for quest completion and chain missions together to create stories. Build powerful narratives using metrics and events based goal tracking.

  • Objective based quests

  • Grant rewards for completion

  • Chain objectives together

  • Create dependencies and complex relationships

  • Automatic progress tracking



Match players together from all over the world using our revolutionary massively parallel search algorithm. Our unique approach is region-less and bucket-less thereby eliminating player fragmentation problems common to other matchmaking systems. Our solution is so fast that it can match millions of players in a few seconds, instead of minutes.

  • Region-free

  • Bucket-less

  • Match in seconds

  • Match parties or groups

  • Powerful search criteria

  • Automatic session creation


Track and manage multi-player sessions in real-time using the Session Services system. Players can limit sessions to be accessible by only their friends or by invitation only. Integrates to matchmaking and game server auto-scaling systems to create a seamless multi-player experience.

  • Create lobby, game or party sessions

  • Control access by friends or invitations

  • Asynchronous state synchronization

  • Password protected sessions

  • Custom data

Dedicated Server Auto-Scaling

Manage and automatically scale your game server instances from anywhere in the world. Run servers locally or from any cloud provider. Integrates with game sessions and the virtual world system to automatically provision and manages instances for each game session.

  • Auto-scale game server instances

  • Run server instances anywhere

  • Auto assignment in less than 5 seconds

  • Fail-over protection

Global Network Engine

Build ultra-scalable real-time multi-player using our ground breaking server-less Global Network Engine. The GNE gives developers the tools to build powerful server authoritative or peer-based real-time networked games and applications using a one of a kind cloud-centric approach. [PREMIUM]

  • State replication

  • Remote procedure calls (RPCs)

  • Event based messaging

  • Low latency

  • High throughput

  • Infinitely scalable

Virtual World System

Create a virtual world of infinite size! Easily define your virtual world topology any way you want it; whether that is a traditional flat world map or a complex map with multiple levels including dungeons, alternate spaces and realities. Automatically scale new zone instances based on population demand.

  • Create any world topogy usign simple to define Zones

  • Automatically scale Shard instances by population demand

  • Apply custom auto-scaling policies

  • Find the closest shards by geolocation

  • Find the best suited shards by social connections



Our Purchasing Servies system provides all the necessary tools you want and need to monetize your game including subscriptions, entitlements and more. The system integrates with common processing payment providers such as Stripe for dead simple business operations.

  • Entitlements

  • Subscriptions

  • Digital Wallet

  • Contact management

  • Invoice management

  • Integrated payment providers - Stripe

IAP Validation

Protect yourself against hackers using server based receipt validation for common stores like the Apple Store, Google Play.

Content Management

Asset Management

Streamline your content pipeline with our asset management system. Track assets by version. Group asset changes by release. Easily generate version deltas of changes in a release. Provide patch-less patches and updates to your title.

  • Patch-less client updates

  • Track assets by region

  • Streamline content workflow

  • Automatic version deltas


Localize all of your text and assets easily with complete version tracking of all changes. Supports IETF BCP 47 supported languages and regions.

  • Localize text and binary assets

  • Track version changes

  • IETF BCP 47 compatible

DevOps & LiveOps

Authorization & Security

The built-in authorization and security system provides powerful Role Based Access Control (RBAC) using Access Control Lists (ACL) to limit user access by URL pattern, data class types and individual document records.

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • Restrict access by URL pattern

  • Restrict acess by class type or document record

Analytics & Telemetry

Prometheus based real-time metrics and telemetry is built in to every system and feature. Easily integrate with the analytics tools you already know and love. Get direct insight into every aspect of your product from CCU to matchmaking, active sessions, asset usage and more.

  • Real-time metrics

  • Monitor important PKIs

  • Prometheus compatible

  • Integrates with Grafana

Admin Console

The Xsolla Backend Admin Console makes it easy to manage your game from anywhere. Get insight into important KPIs with live monitoring and health metrics, edit game and player data with ease.

  • Access from desktop, mobile or tablet

  • Manage all game and player data

  • Monitor important KPIs

  • Real-time monitoring and health status


General Purpose SDKs

Integrate Xsolla Backend easily into any existing project with our general purpose SDK available in a variety of popular languages.

  • C++

  • C#

  • JavaScript / TypeScript

Unity Engine

Integrate Xsolla Backend with our drag-n-drop SDK for Unity Engine. The SDK includes easy to configure prefabs and scriptable behaviors to get up and running quickly. Check out our unity sample project covering common integration tasks such as user registration, sessions, matchmaking and more.

  • Drag-n-drop prefabs

  • Built-in Behaviors for common tasks

  • Simplified SDK abstraction

Unreal Engine

Integrate Xsolla Backend with our plug-n-play SDK for Unreal Engine. Supports engine versions 4.25-4.26 including the upcoming UE5. Check out our ShooterGame sample project featuring our OnlineSubsystem integration.

  • Compatible with Unreal 4.25+

  • Native OnlineSubsystem support

  • Includes custom GameFramework for common integration tasks