Xsolla Backend


Xsolla Backend [XBE], powered by AcceleratXR technology, is a powerful backend engine for building highly-scalable online games and entertainment products. The platform offers a huge list of features covering everything from account management, matchmaking to questing. XBE enables teams of any size and experience level to build state-of-the-art online experiences at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions.

  • Pay only 5% of gross sales

  • Free Hosting

  • Source Available

  • Unlimited Support

  • Business Benchmarking


AcceleratXR started in 2018 by veteran developers of the gaming industry with over fifty years combined experience who previously shipped successful franchises such as XCOM, Hawken, Lost Planet and League of Legends. The Xsolla Backend team have pooled together all their knowledge and experience to build the most customizeable and feature rich online gaming platform leveraging proven open source technology.

Xsolla Backend, formerly AcceleratXR (pronounced accelerator /əkˈseləˌrādər/), was built with the ambitious goal to dramatically accelerate extended reality games and application development. With this goal in mind the team has defined three dimensions of success.

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Reduced Development Cost

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

Time to Market

Most other solutions in the industry tend to offer only a handful of capabilities with a limited focus on simple mobile games. As fellow game developers we know how much work is required to handle the sheer difficulty of shipping a product on time.

Having experienced every kind of development problem first-hand the Xsolla Backend team made it priority number one to provide a robust collection of systems and features native to the platform itself. This focus on features first empowers teams to spend more of their time building a better product instead of worrying about basic backend infrastructure and online systems development.

Development Cost

What is often more difficult to achieve as a developer is fitting within your given budget. Too many other platforms make big promises about capabilities that they simply can’t deliver. Sometimes this is a matter of poor quality with the development of their product. Other times its the result of limitations from an overly generic architecture or implementation. The net result means having to roll your own more often than not.

Our team has carefully engineered every system and feature within the platform to meet and exceed the quality level of the most demanding AAA titles. Further, our source available approach ensures that you have complete and total control to make it your own in case any part of the platform fails to meet needs and expectations.

Total Cost of Ownership

Often times the operating costs of maintaining a product after it launches is the thing that determines the long term success. Many games over the last few decades have failed due to sky high hosting and operations costs that far exceeds revenue. The Xsolla Backend team have experienced these failures first hand and understand the deep complexity of not just operating a game that is successful but also profitable. As a result, every bit of the platform has been carefully architected to be as cost effective as possible.

This focus on cost sensitivity in combination with our flexible licensing, unparalleled feature set, and our uniquely open philosophy to game development, means that Xsolla Backend offers the lowest total cost of ownership compared to any other solution available. No other technology platform gives you more tools, more features and more flexibility to create and dream big.