Getting Started

What is Xsolla Backend?

Xsolla Backend is a backend platform and network engine for building massively scalable cross-platform, cross-device live service games and applications. The backend platform is composed of more than two dozen services that together enable developers to build feature rich virtual worlds and interactive social communities in a fraction of the time compared to proprietary technologies or similar products and services available.

In addition, Xsolla Backend is also a framework and collection of infrastructure tools and end-user programs designed to streamline product development so that teams are able to dramatically improve productivity while developing custom systems and features for their products. In this way, Xsolla Backend is like an operating system with the special purpose of running modern interactive media applications and services.

In the pages of this section you will learn how to install and manage the Xsolla Backend engine backend, the software development kits that integrate with popular game engines, and how to use the additional tools and framework in order to extend the capabilities of the platform for your project.